Egg Drop Experiment

We had to design and construct a device that would allow an egg to fall from appoximately 4 metres without cracking. It had to be less than 300x300x300mm with 50% of the egg visible and the lighter weight the better. There was a huge range of different designs and some of the really complex ones …


ATC2K Beach / Ride Test Videos

[media id=25 width=512 height=404] Download the video – 28mb David and I went down the coast for the weekend. I wanted to test out my camera in the surf, it’s a bit shaky but after reviewing this initial footage I’m sure I can improve on this. It has been ages since I’ve been in the …


New Zealand 2008 Video

[media id=14 width=640 height=375] It took a while to get this finished but this is the video showing our holiday in New Zealand. The flash video goes for about 17mins and is 65mb. Download the FLV file here. Download a 720×400 H.264 MKV here 233mb.