Started treating the rust in the chassis. Received parts that I ordered from RooDog 4wd spares. Got the gearbox removed! So happy with the progress, didn't break anything today!

Cutting some steel to fix up some rusted parts.

Welded in the piece that I just cut into the frame.

Cleaned and applied Rust Converter to any obvious rust spots and inner chassis. Once dried it forms a white powder. We'll coat it with fish oil later.

That's where all the magic happens, had to do a bit of a cleanup.

Woohoo first time i'd ever removed a gearbox!

That's the release bearing on the end of the fork which is getting replaced due to squeaking.

You can see the flywheel, pressure plate and clutch fork.

Clutch fork and release bearing removed.

Action shot of me marking the flywheel to pressure plate mounting.

Friction plate.

Pressure plate.

Undoing flywheel bolts, they were on very tight!

Not much of a car!