After finishing the workshop and cleaning up the garage I've now got plenty of room with power and lights to really get things going. We took off the windscreen, bonnet, fenders and disconnected a heap of wires along with fuel, clutch and brake lines. In the garage till about 9:30PM!

Nice clean garage, made an extension as a workshop and built a new workbench.

Brendan took the fuel tank out as well as the heater inside.

Windscreen, bonnet front lights are off. Started on the front fenders.

Had to disconnect a bunch of stuff which was sitting on the fender.

Woohoo, one side off, looks like a tractor!

Problem with bolts that have been there since 1978, I snapped two which held the fender on.

This is the coil for the sparkplugs, weird old looking thing, might upgrade this. Had to be removed from the fender, battery out also.

Took the gearbox cover out, snapped another bolt.