After initially fitting the discs and taking it for a spin the braking performance was weak. A closer inspection revealed that the rotors were undersized and damaged, machining was out of the question so I picked up some new disc rotors and pads. I had to knock out the wheel studs to separate the rotor from the hub in order to swap the new rotors.

New pads and rotors fitted and bled the system again and it was time to test it out. The pedal feel has improved, once I burnt all the grease off the rotors it was pulling up nicely. Despite the smoke and train smell, haha.

So my relay rod got bent whilst 4wding a few months back, I never actually realised how bent it was. Anyway I was able to get it straightened without too much trouble and fitted it back on. Just need to tighten the bearings and get a wheel alignment/balance and should be sweet for rego.

Scored rotors, unable to machine them as they're undersize.

Hubs without rotor and caliper.


Rotors separated from hubs.

New vs old pads. Ended up getting Bendix pads for $90.

All the new bits fitted.

The shiniest part on the FJ.

Whilst playing around with the discs I noticed that I'd bet my relay rod. I was able to get it straightened for $30 by Wholesale Suspension in Penrith.