After getting my hands on a drill press I was able to bore out the size of the bushing using a 13mm drill bit then finished it off with the dremel.

Once the bushes were sorted it was just a matter of swapping the hubs. This is a really greasy process therefore I was unable to take any photos. But basically I swapped the hubs and re-greased the bearings. I had a few stubborn bolts that slowed me down and I had the steering arms on the wrong way, but that was an easy fix.

Once fitted, we bled the brakes and took it for a spin. Unfortunately there was no amazing braking performance. The rotors are pretty thrashed and the brake pads are low however the wheels are straight and it drives well.

So I'll take the rotors off and get them machined flat and pickup some new brake pads prior to rego.

Borrowed a drill press to bore out the bushings.

Final sizing and slight taper using the dremel.

Showing how the bushings sit neatly into the arms.

Testing that the tie rod end fits properly.

Disc brake fitted.

Removing the restrictor in the master cylinder used for the drum brakes.

Don't need the spring or little black valve anymore.