So Rego is coming up again and I hate spending $1000 with no little gain. I needed a wheel alignment so I thought it was a good time to fit some disc brakes prior to getting one. I was also getting sick of adjusting the drums and changing lanes under brakes. I've known about the disc brake swap for a while, it seems pretty common amongst FJ40 owners. From what I've learnt FJ60 swivel hubs are the same, therefore the FJ60 disc brakes fit to the FJ40 axle with ease. The only difference is the the sizing of the tie rod ends. The FJ60 hole is larger. I tried to find a tie rod end that fit but that was like looking for a needle in a haystack so I went for the shimmy approach.

Picked up some brass bushings from CBC Bearings that were a close fit. Brendan helped out to file down the outside and we'll have to drill out the inner. We ran out of light to finish the job completely but it looks like it'll work. So far I've just pulled one of the old drums off the front and filed down the bushings to fit.

FJ60 Disc Brake, 4 piston calipers.

Swivel hub attached to the back of the disc brake.

Jacked up the front end on car stands.

The big old drum brakes, I thought they would be more scored from all puddles and mud I've been through.

Drum brake removed revealing the birfield joint. Nicely greased from when we last rebuilt the hubs.

Showing the drum brake swivel hub. I was expecting atleast some water and grime in there, but fairly clean.

Brass bushing, only $8.80 each.

Brendan helping with the homemade lathe setup to file it down.

Getting there...

Fits nicely, just need to drill out the inside...

...and cut them flush.