Cleaned and painted the inside floor with brushable bituman paint. Got a headache from the fumes but it looks great. Started work on replacing the front window only to find that the entire window surround is badly rusted and needs replacing. Argh.

Using the wire wheel on the grinder cleaning up the floor.

Used the vacuum to suck up all the bits of rust/dirt. Ready to paint.

Started with the front, used about 600ml of the thin bituman paint.

Had to buy another tin to finish off the rear. Looks brilliant.

Shiny blackness.

Hopefully this will withstand a few years of abuse.

Time to simply replace my front window...

Hmm shitloads of silicone, doesn't look too bad.

Oh crap, that's what the silicon was hiding.

Finally popped the glass out but it's in pieces. The windscreen surround is ratshit, definately needs replacing.