Exactly 1 month left to get a pink slip for the FJ40. I finally got the front driveshaft in after busting my wrists last Thursday trying to compress it. Dayne helped me out with the idea of using a ratchet tie down. It worked! Had to test it so I did some stump climbing in the backyard.

The suspension has heaps more travel in it.

After having 4wd ability again, I had to get on those stumps again.

Dayne told me a neat way to compress the driveshaft in order to get it in. Using a ratchet tie down.

Some daylight shots.

I sprayed about 600ml of water down the carby to 'steam clean' the insides of the engine.

The shocks are limiting the flex. Any higher on the rear and the front wheel is in the air.

Comparison before/after 2" suspension lift.