3 weeks ago I didn't even consider running the FJ40 on LPG until I cam across some parts being sold on a forum. So I figured i'd look into it. I picked up the LPG parts along with a few rare items for power steering (box, pump and lines) just North of Newcastle. Took it around to a local gas fitter and he had a look at the bits and went "naa, that ain't gonna work" turns out i've got a Ford Weber carby on the 2F. So he was willing to buy the bits off me and hook me up with a proper gas setup to suit. A week later I picked it up and it was actually running on gas. He showed me how to switch between LPG/Petrol and I was off. As soon as I left the workshop and hit 3rd gear I noticed that the performance was actualler BETTER?! I think this is because of the different air intake as it's much less restrictive. I haven't calculated the costs yet as i'm still burning through the first tank. So far so good!

Different air intake, less restrictive

Shiny new parts

There's two cut off solenoids, this is for the petrol

The switch that activates the solenoids. The lever pulls the gas components out of the way inside the air intake

A big bomb. He managed to get 77L in it. Had to pull out the rear seat

Gas lines protected by conduit to the fill point

Fill point