Gave the bank account a workout, got all the necessary bits to get the motor to run. Up until about 7pm we were doing small boring time consuming stuff then gave it a couple of cranks. It fired, and I mean backfired a 20cm flame out of the carby. Have to have a look at the timing.

Went and spent $350 on car stuff.

Finished all the body mounts and bolts. Cut some boat roller to fill the gap.

Aim of the day was to get the motor to crank, we had to do a lot of stuffing around to get to that point. Fitted the intake.

Painted fuel tank went it with new fuel hoses. Should help stop the smell of fuel whilst driving...

Old sparkplugs.

New oil, filter, plugs, leads, rotor (cap was wrong one), battery, hoses fitted ready to crank it up. It struggled a bit but eventually coughed a few time and we're 99% sure the timing it buggered as it kept backfiring.

Gotta fix/modify the battery tray to hold the truck & farm battery.

Showing the height of the tub, i'm 6 foot 5. The freezer is about 90cm.