Ohh yeh, instant inspiration. Got the tub back on the chassis! We spent half the day going back and forth to Penrith chasing bolts, thread tapper, welding wire but in the end it was worth it!

I think I like this photo the best

Brendan cleaned and painted the fuel tank, tank cover, air filter housing and other bits.

We had to do some drillin and tappin for the stoneguard.

Bituman paint dried and stoneguards fitted all ready to go back on.

Exhaust painted and wrapped in insulation tape.

Exhaust and muffler welded into place.

Stuffing around fixing up all the body mounts. Bought new high tensile bolts for them.

Waahaeyyy! It's back on, check out that lift!!!

Almost looks like a working automobile....

Some more glamour shots.

Can really notice the difference with that new suspension in the rear.