Another day of cutting and welding sheet metal into various parts of the tub. Spent an hour or so fixing up the corner where the spare tyre bolts to. Once finished I applied thick bituman paint all over the base of the tub. Got around to painting the extractors and got my new homemade coolant pipe joiner from Neil the plumber.

My plumber friend brought around the coolant pipe replica that he made.

Had to patch up where the tyre carrier attaches as it broke when it fell off on the coast trip.

Reinforced the inside with some sheet metal and a piece of 20mm x 3mm steel. Just gotta redrill the holes.

After patching up all the holes I started painting with the thick bituman paint.

3/4 done, had to buy a new can.

Oooh yeh, can't see much at night, but you can see that it's all black now.

Ended up using all of the two cans. 2 x 1L

Cleaned the rest of the extractors with the wire wheel and some sandpaper. My neighbours must really hate me.

Probably not the best idea to be painting at 7pm at night at 11 degrees.

Still turned out alright, should be dry in the morning, then add heat insulation tape.