Cut out rusted parts, bent some sheet metal, welded in some angle, flat steel and bent bits of sheet metal. Brendan started painting the firewall and stoneguards with bituman paint.

Fitted radiator, starter and alternator.

"Looks like you're about to do some surgery" said the neighbour.

Haha, that's a big hole in my floor.

Piece of angle and brace will strengthen where the tub mounts. Patch the hole with sheet metal, but requires some bending.

Test fit everything before welding.

Added another piece of angle in the other side to give the metal something to hang on to.

The other side was similar.

Cleaned up the stoneguards.

Painting with brushable bituman paint.

Painted firewall with very thick bituman paint.

Fitted radiator, surround, hoses, alternator, starter motor and stoneguards under engine.