Getting back into the FJ40 full steam, finished seals in gearbox, put gearbox back in, fitted sump, cleaned, cleaned, cleaned for painting engine and gearbox. Been going from about 10am-10pm.

Photo's without the flash look a lot more smoother.

More parts from Roodog. Tail lights, exhaust gasket, various seals for gearbox and tranfser case.

Put the gearbox back together with new seals/gaskets.

Cleaned up the transfer case and painted handbrake drum.

Spent ages cleaning off the old sump gasket.

Fitted painted sump, was kinda tricky with one person and 22 bolts.

Wax & Grease remover prior to painting. Put the gearbox back in.

Looking fairly clean.

Started spraying the engine.

Keeping the temperature up with the halogen lights.

Looking good. Engine + gearbox painted.

Finally got rid of that rust colour which was on everything.