New bolts for gearbox mounts. Cleaned chassis again, started painting with the chassis black paint. Cut the ubolts and removed the steering damper.

Nice and black, looks stunning.

New bolts with locknuts for the gearbox mounts.

Wheeled it out to clean up the garage. People walking passed looked twice, haha.

Gearing up to wire brush the chassis again prior to painting.

Wire wheel on angle grinder is brilliant for cleaning anything off metal.

Used wax and grease remover on the chassis to ensure it's nice and clean for the paint.

Just like a new chassis.

These are the stone guards which go around the engine.

Thought i'd paint them as well.

Some more parts arrived from RooDog. The postie chick is keeping an eye on the progress.

Had to buy a tool for removing the steering damper. $15 from Auto One

Works a treat, line it up and belt it with a hammer. Also removes the tie rod end ball joints.

After talking to TJM about the ubolts I got the grinder out and started hacking into them.