Test fitted new muffler, removed extractors and replaced gearbox mounts. Couldn't get the steering damper off, might need to buy a special tool.

Measured then cut the old exhaust using a hacksaw.

Test fit the new muffler.

Cut down the bushing and welded it in place. Gasless MIG is doing the job alright.

Cut the old muffler off the other end.

Muffler welded to rear pipe.

Inlet manifold taken off.

Took the extractors off to give more room for painting the chassis and engine.

Extractors. Not welding the entire exhaust just yet as it's too hard to manage. Will clean and paint these and heat insulate the part before muffler (under passenger footwell).

Removed battery tray for more access.

Old worn out gearbox mounts.

Spot the difference. Need to get two new bolts as the old ones are rusted.