Unfortunately Brendan is blowing snails out his nose so I tackled the rear suspension on my own. I'm not real happy with how it's turned out, the U-Bolts are way too long and the shackle angle just doesn't look right. It's given me an increase from 615mm to 690mm at the rear though!

Looks like the previous owner made these extended shackles on the rear.

Removing the old U-Bolt nuts is not easy. Made my breaker bar look like a boomerang.

Old spring VS New spring.

Shocks off, U-Bolts undone, old leafs out, axle kinda falls down a bit. Old U-Bolts measure 175mm in length.

New pin installed.

New shackle installed. Had trouble with the left hand side as the exhaust was getting in the way.

Not sure about that shackle angle, it should be better once the weight of the tub is on and the springs break-in.

TJM have given me longer U-Bolts (195mm), I can't get any of my sockets onto these, might end up cutting them down.