Created a masterpiece for separating the transfer case from the transmission. Got the idea from here. It worked brilliantly. Unbolted various parts of the transmission and started cleaning the surfaces. Found out I need new seals as well as gaskets so i've ordered some of them from RooDog.

Two bolts for the puller. Nut for the one I buggered on the transmission shaft. Got a spare to fix the thread.

Macro shot showing that the gears aren't chomped.

Homemade puller using an old leaf from the springs and the centrepiece of a steering wheel puller. This is to separate the transfer case from the transmission.

It's working!!!

Watching for the gears to fall out the power take off side.

Cleaned the surface with a wire wheel on the drill, pressing only enough to take off the old gasket.

This is the spacer which goes between the transfer case and transmission, degreased and cleaned ready for a new gasket.