I picked up a radiator off ebay for a bargain of $40. Turns out it's 4cm wider than my original so it won't fit in my bracket. I tried to get the right sized radiator but all the wreckers don't have them. A new one costs $500, bugger that. I got the grinder out and cut my bracket in half. Added some metal and welded it back so it's solid. Bolted it back in the FJ and started filling it up only to find it was pouring out through two holes (one in the front and one in the back). Damnit! I took it back out and took it to Penrith Radiators, the bloke was a champion and fixed it on the spot. A hefty price of $0.00 and bolted it back in. Now my only problem is that it sits higher so the bonnet doesn't close properly.

Looks like it'll fit.

Old one on the left, new one on the right

See the many attempts at patching it. Solder and Knead-It steel just didn't quite fix it.

No turning back now.

Welded in some steel and painted it black, nice and strong again.