Finally after 16 days of waiting the suspension arrived at the 4wd shop. As we'd removed the old front suspension on Tuesday it was rather easy to install.

Waaaahooooo suspension finally arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spot on, 2 inches of difference.

First I greased up the nolathane bushes.

Stick them in the leaf.

Put the pin in.

Bolt it on.

Bushes all greased up and ready for shackle.

Shackle on. Put the grease nipple on the inside as less chance of getting smashed when 4 bangin.

The shackle has a bent bit to protect the lower nut.

Time for the U-Bolts

Manual says to tighten U-Bolts to 150Nm but I could only get 100Nm then thought i'd break something if I went any further.

U-Bolts on and tightened up, time to remove the jack stands. Shocks were unbolted as they're stuffed and were limiting the travel of the leafs.

FJ40 is free standing again. Looking slightly higher. From the front bumper we measured 485mm before and now is measures 560mm!