Balsa Wood Building Model

From this… To this… Into this… I’ve never done any true model making other than R/C cars but they’re all pre fabricated. Actually cutting and glueing is a totally different story. This took me about 3 hours to make and as it’s my first balsa model I reckon it turned out alright. It’s missing a …


iPod smashing CD

This is for another assignment, well not really the finished product as I went off track. Since I can’t draw that good I figured I’d setup a photo and apply some effects so that I can trace the image. I didn’t quite have an iPod to use but with a little photoshopping that could be …


Mint Juleps Poster

Yet another poster for the drama people. This one turned out a lot better that my previous attempt. Although I did create the layout in photoshop then trace over the figures but the final product is an improvement so that’s the main thing.

Typography & Layout

I’m doing an assignment on typography and layout. Basically choosing fonts and a grid layout that will suit a particular word. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far… DANGER – San Serif SENSITIVE – Script

New Zealand 2008 Video

[media id=14 width=640 height=375] It took a while to get this finished but this is the video showing our holiday in New Zealand. The flash video goes for about 17mins and is 65mb. Download the FLV file here. Download a 720×400 H.264 MKV here 233mb.