CRT Monitor Fish Tank

Design Brief: To create an enclosure using a disused computer monitor for the purpose of providing an artificial habitat for marine wildlife, essentially a fish tank. The tank will feature lights for illumination at night and a filter to help keep the tank clean.

D&T Lesson Idea: Origami Windmill

Materials: 1x Skewer 1x Straw 1x A4 piece of paper 300mm of sticky tape. Some type of box So the challenge is to build a wind powered device that lifts a pencil/pen the height of a desk. The fan is placed 500mm away with 3 speed settings. Ideally you want your design to work on …


In The Workshop – Touchup the Commodore

[media id=39 width=640 height=384] Just mucking around fixing up a few things on the car whilst I’ve got some time. I had 2 fairly serious rust spots on the boot and I’m trying to patch them without having to sand the entire boot. Hopefully during the polishing process I can achieve a reasonable blend. The …


Egg Drop Experiment

We had to design and construct a device that would allow an egg to fall from appoximately 4 metres without cracking. It had to be less than 300x300x300mm with 50% of the egg visible and the lighter weight the better. There was a huge range of different designs and some of the really complex ones …