Carry All Toolbox

Design Situation I’ve got a collection of tools in the garage and there’s only so many nails in the wall to hang things off. I need something that is portable so that I can keep my tools together depending on the job I’m doing. Design Brief To design a toolbox that is large and strong …


Door Wedge

Design Situation There are many doors in a house, sometimes you need to keep them closed and other times they need to stay open. Design Brief To design a manufacture a device for your bedroom made out of a piece of 50x25mm radiata pine 250mm in length that will hold a door in any position …



Design Situation   Design Brief   Research   Ideas   Solution A4-Footstool Drawing   Implementation Evaluation  

The Ultimate Caramel Slice

After many years of trial and error I think I’ve finally got the perfect recipe that is a combination of many. Ingredients: Base: 1 cup – plain flour 1 cup – desiccated coconut 1/2 cup – brown sugar 125g – melted butter Caramel Filling: 2x 400g – sweetened condensed milk 2 tbsp – golden syrup …