Spice Rack

Design Situation

Every house needs a spice rack. It doesn’t take long to collect a number of spice jars for different recipes. The problem with collecting all these spices is finding the right spice without wasting time sorting through the pantry.

Design Brief

A way of organising spices so that a number of spices can be neatly stored but able to retrieve a particular spice easily.


There are a number of designs of spice racks but the most common is a shelf type where the spices are stored side by side along the length of a shelf. Some designs require transferring the spices between jars.


My first creative idea to do something different was to make the spice rack round and have it spin using a lazy susan bearing. To increase the quantity of spices held, two layers of spices could be implemented into a tiered design. The problem with this design is working out how to construct it. The design is possible using the lathe but would require a fair bit of turning.


I can still use the lazy susan idea but instead of making it round, it’ll be easier to construct as a square.