End Grain Chopping Board

Design Situation

To compliment the spice rack, every house needs a decent chopping board. I’ve never been a fan of plastic or glass boards and we’re always had some type of wooden chopping board. There are endless tutorials and designs on making them so I figured I’d have a crack at it with some victorian ash and rosewood that I purchased a year ago.

Design Brief

To create an end grain chopping board out of rough sawn timber of reasonable size and thickness.




This is a fairly simple project, two contrasting timbers with an alternate checkerboard pattern. To give it some variety I’ll put a thinner strip in the middle of the board.


As this will be used to cut food on, I coated it with mineral oil. I actually found it sold as Liquid Paraffin at the supermarket. It took about 3 days of coating with oil and letting it soak in before it had fully penetrated the timber.



The board turned out well. It looks great and functions as you’d expect. I put a routed chamfer on the edges to smooth it out. It has a very slight cup so sits flatter on one sider better than the other. If I were to make another one, I’d probably buy some more clamps to help keep it flat whilst gluing.