Spice Rack

Design Situation Every house needs a spice rack. It doesn’t take long to collect a number of spice jars for different recipes. The problem with collecting all these spices is finding the right spice without wasting time sorting through the pantry. Design Brief A way of organising spices so that a number of spices can …


End Grain Chopping Board

Design Situation To compliment the spice rack, every house needs a decent chopping board. I’ve never been a fan of plastic or glass boards and we’re always had some type of wooden chopping board. There are endless tutorials and designs on making them so I figured I’d have a crack at it with some victorian …


MS Word 2010 – Setting a Background Image

Although a background image can be set in the fill settings. A more accurate way is to set the background image through the custom watermark feature. The trick to making this work is resizing your background image to the same size as your word document.

MS Word 2010 – A3 Size Document Setup

Here’s a quick tip on setting up an A3 sized document in Microsoft Word. If your installed printer can’t print A3 then word won’t let you setup an A3 document. This can be overcome by changing the printer to something like Adobe PDF or XPS Document Writer. This will allow you to choose a variety of different sized documents.

MS Word 2010 – Insert Images From Scanner Macro

Old versions of Word had an insert from scanner button. For some reason it isn’t part of Word 2010 but the functionality still exists. This video shows how you can set up a simple macro to setup a button to insert images directly from a scanner into a word document.